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About me, social media, and how to get in touch

Hey, I’m Adam and I make pictures.

I’m based on the west coast and I will try anything at least once. I relocated from Boston, MA to the bay area to complete my MFA at the California College of the Arts.  I love spending time in the mountains and hitting the road on exploring with the family.

I have a deep background in music. If you've got a job that blends making images and music, we're talking a match made in heaven. I am currently vibing on sludge metal and post rock odysseys. I’ll usually be the first one to give you a hug and make sure you're having a rad day.

Let's make something together. 

Currently I’m working on a long term project about the Courir de Mardi Gras in southern Louisiana. I am also continuously working on my project Storey County about reenactment and the west.